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Reuben Freed

Project Manager, Director of Research

Reuben Freed

Project Manager / Director of Research

Reuben brings a disciplined technical background, continental life experience and a diverse design education to his clients at greenscreen® and their equally diverse backgrounds and projects. Born in South Africa, he lived in Canada before immigrating to the USA in 1997. A graduate Architect, his commitment to sustainable design and advocacy for green infrastructure informs his leadership of greenscreen® research initiatives and the national Green Walls industry group that he leads.

As manager of Branch Design for CIBC, Reuben developed a national program of customer-focused banking environments, from accessible ATM’s and furniture systems to branch interiors and retail banking satellites. His work in film Production Design in the USA and Canada drew from his artistic talents and applied skill for orchestrating local resources and working with limited budgets, a career described by one reviewer as ”mining the ground from Norman Rockwell to Salvador Dali”. Embracing life in Los Angeles, Reuben cooks, hikes, watches birds, makes art and studies the botany of Southern California.

With greenscreen® since 2007

Reuben’s favorite vine: Vitis Roger’s Red, Vitis Californica

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