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  • greenscreen®’s three-inch depth “captures” plant material and provides the benefits of a living wall.

    One Man’s Trash Is Another’s Green Wall

    In 2015, the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority opened it’s 2nd Waste to Energy facility featuring a LEED Platinum…

    by Dean Hill
  • How to Prune a Wall Mounted Green Facade/Green Wall

    Regular maintenance on your green facade/green wall project is necessary to keep the plant material healthy and vigorous. Here is…

    by Dean Hill
  • The California Drought and Green Facades

    So as designers, product manufacturers, consumers and homeowners, what can we do to be responsible when it comes to green…

    by Dean Hill
  • AIA 2015 – Atlanta Wrap Up

    For us here at greenscreen®, spring time means the AIA Conference and Expo . The AIA Conference is a great…


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