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Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to call or email us, and one of our knowledgeable Project Managers will assist you.

What sizes are available for greenscreen® panels?

All greenscreen® panels are made to order sized in 2” increments. The maximum panel size is 4’ x 14’.  Panels can be used in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

What is the lead time?

All greenscreen® panels are made to order.

• 4-5 weeks for fabrication after all approvals and receipt of deposit
• 2-4 weeks for shop drawings, submittals, drawing completion, reviews and approvals, but can vary depending on the quality of information available
• 2-7 business days for shipping to the Continental US and Western Canada. 

Larger, complex installations, custom color or enhanced powder coat orders can add to the lead time. If you have specific scheduling concerns, we encourage you to speak with one of our project managers early in the process. Orders can also be “Will Called” from our factory location in Fontana, California.

How can I determine budgetary pricing for my greenscreen® project?

For Wall Mounted installations using standard mounting clips you can budget $12-$16 per square foot for materials only.  Customization such as angle cuts or radius cuts will increase the cost.

For Freestanding / Fencing installations, excluding the posts and/or support structure, the cost for the panels and mounting clips is the same as wall mounted panels — $12-$16 per square foot.  We can provide posts up to 16′ in length, powder coated to match the panels. Any additional support structure would be provided by others. Post embedment length and base plate requirements are always project specific and should be reviewed by the project engineer. When required, greenscreen® can arrange for sealed, site specific engineering calculations through a third party.  Posts are generally placed at 52″ o.c. for vertical 4′ panel mounting and at 100″ o.c. for horizontal 8′ panel mounting — see examples here.

Note, all freight quotes are project specific.

We recommend that you contact our sales office early in the design process where our highly experienced staff is available to review drawings and make recommendations on detailing and value engineering.

– see Ordering and Budgeting.

What finishes are available for greenscreen® panels?

 The galvanized, recycled steel panels, posts and accessories receive a baked on primer and second powder color coat. Standard colors are matte texture green, matte texture black, silver, bronze, terra and gloss white. Custom colors are available at an additional cost with RAL color matches preferable. Exact color matching requires a physical sample and longer lead times may be incurred.  See color samples here.

Who installs greenscreen®?

greenscreen® does not provide installation services. greenscreen® panels are rigid and lightweight and are easily installed by a variety of trades depending on the type and complexity of the project. Larger or complex projects are usually completed by a miscellaneous metals subcontractor or the general contractor. Smaller Wall Mounted and Freestanding projects can be installed by landscape contractors. Fencing applications can best be installed by fencing contractors familiar with accurate post placement.

How much do the greenscreen® panels weigh?

greenscreen® panels weigh less than one pound per square foot without any plant material. With fully mature vines on a wet day, the weight can be between 2 to 4 pounds per square foot. For additional engineering information please contact a project manager.

– see General Engineering Data.

How is greenscreen® shipped?

All greenscreen® orders are shipped via truck by commercial carriers from our Fontana, California manufacturing facility. Packaging and freight costs are project specific and included with all material quotes. Smaller orders are typically boxed and shipped in panel groups of 4. Large orders or special handling are quoted on a case by case basis.

What kind of plants should I use with greenscreen®?

greenscreen® is a modular green facade system that can be utilized with a wide variety of plant material. In general, twining vines such as Jasmine, Clematis and Honeysuckle work best.  Vines that attach with adhesive suckers such as English Ivy, Boston Ivy and Creeping Fig should not be used for wall mounted applications as these vines will attach to the wall in addition to the greenscreen® panel.  Refer to the following links for detailed information or call our office to speak with a trained landscape specialist for more information.

Plants Overview
Guidelines for Green Facade Plant Selection
Planting Installation Guidelines
Maintenance Guidelines

Do you offer any planters that work with greenscreen®?

greenscreen® has several planter options available. All planters are molded fiberglass and are available in over 20 standard colors. They are dimensionally coordinated to work with our 4’ wide panels and our 15 ½” diameter column trellis. Also available is the Café Series line of modular planters and screens that can be arranged in multiple configurations to delineate spaces.

Visit our Elements page for more information.

Where can I see greenscreen® panels installed?

There are over 10,000 greenscreen®

projects installed both nationally and internationally. Contact our office or a regional product representative for specific project types and details on locations.

Do you have product representatives?

greenscreen® has a network of product sales representatives that can assist you with office visits, product literature, samples, color chips, project photographs, research and CEU information as well as local greenscreen® installations to visit.

Find a Product Representative in your area.

Please note, all project quotes, shop drawings, and purchase orders are processed in our Los Angeles headquarters by our experienced Project Managers. Contact the LA office at

Where can I learn more about green walls and green facades?

greenscreen® provides a number of resources for learning about green facade technology. Our White Paper, Considerations for Advanced Green Facade Design, is a comprehensive discussion of all of the issues that should be incorporated into a project. Since 1993, greenscreen® has been an industry leader in underwriting and providing research for green facades. You can find a collection of articles, case studies, recommendations and guidelines by visiting our Research page. For CEUs, please see our accredited courses on:

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