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greenscreen® applies sustainability in two ways:

1)  As a company ethos that helps to advance its position as a leader in the industry and to document a Corporate Social Responsibility ethic that has been a long standing, integral component in its corporate philosophy. greenscreen® has completed a third party conducted corporate audit of its in-house sustainability practices, engaging the stakeholder groups of employees, designers/specifiers, contractors and manufacturer.

2)  As a product manufacturer, greenscreen® has completed a number of sustainability benchmarks and shares those benchmarks publicly with interdisciplinary design professionals and stakeholders in order to establish product standards going forward. All benchmarks are third party verified or peer reviewed and can be downloaded below for more information:

pdf_icon Health Product Declaration (HPD)
pdf_icon Recycled Content Declaration
pdf_icon LEED V4 Response
pdf_icon Sustainable Sites Initiative Credit Contributions

greenscreen® has also completed a third party verified, ISO 14040/14044 compliant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model and report. Copies of the report are available upon request.

As a company, greenscreen® has completed a third party conducted corporate audit of its in-house sustainability practices. The MindClick SGM 360° Corporate Audit is a comprehensive look at corporate sustainability benchmarks and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance. The audit engages the stakeholder groups of employees, designers/specifiers, contractors and manufacturer.

Phase One of the audit included the circulation of detailed, anonymous surveys distributed to all employees in order to access the importance, relevance and implementation of environmental issues internally. The results from this survey help guide the formulation of employee environmental programming and education in the future.  An additional detailed, anonymous survey was distributed to over 8,000 industry designers, specifiers and contractors to attain information on greenscreen®’s product performance, customer service, important environmental considerations and corporate performance. These results helped identify important sustainability considerations for each group and helped to formulate specific outreach and educational opportunities for each user group.

Phase Two of the audit included information gathering and information management in order to complete a Sustainability Benchmark Environmental Performance evaluation. The performance evaluation is based upon a critical analysis, measurement and review of:

  • Energy
  • Carbon
  • Waste
  • Water

Key implementations of the evaluation included the:

  • measuring of energy baseline usages and utilizing the Environmental Protection Agency’s project manager system
  • completion of a Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint assessment for corporate headquarters and implementing an ongoing carbon tracking system
  • calculation of waste baselines for corporate headquarters
  • calculation of organization wide water baselines

The key implementations will be critical in formulating programming to improve employee education on sustainability initiatives, incorporating sustainability into core corporate values and policies, and creating an overall sustainability strategy and action plan.

For more information on greenscreen® corporate sustainability initiatives, please download:
pdf_icon greenscreen®  Environmental Statement

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