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      Name                                                                             Last modified         Size  Description 
up Parent Directory 05-Dec-2018 16:48 - unknown 5104 TRIM CONNECTION TO POST.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 228k unknown 5104 TRIM CONNECTION TO WALL.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 128k unknown 5132G_STEEL MOUNTED-PLAN.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 320k unknown 5132G_STEEL MOUNTED-SECTION.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 316k unknown 5132G_WALL MOUNTED-PLAN.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 304k unknown 5132G_WALL MOUNTED-SECTION.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 196k unknown 5132R_STEEL MOUNTED-PLAN.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 352k unknown 5132R_STEEL MOUNTED-SECTION.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 348k unknown 5132R_WALL MOUNTED-PLAN.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 344k unknown 5132R_WALL MOUNTED-SECTION.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 296k unknown 5133X_POST MOUNTED.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 432k unknown 5135R_PLANTER STRAPS.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 252k unknown 5141_C CLIP TO POST.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 236k unknown 5141_C CLIP TO SLAB.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 204k unknown 5159_STANDOFF BRACKET-PLAN.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 288k unknown 5159_STANDOFF BRACKET-SECTION.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 144k unknown 6INCH END BLADE CLIP.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 608k unknown 6INCH INLINE BLADE CLIP.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 616k unknown COLUMN TRELLIS-PLANTER.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 340k unknown COLUMN TRELLIS-STANDARD.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 220k unknown CORNER DETAIL - 5132G.dwg 07-Apr-2016 21:36 424k unknown CORNER DETAIL - GCLIP.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 396k unknown CORNER DETAIL.dwg 05-Dec-2018 17:12 368k unknown FIBERGLASS PLANTER.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 244k unknown FREESTANDING CURVED.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 180k unknown FREESTANDING HORIZONTAL.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 276k unknown FREESTANDING VERTICAL.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 316k unknown HEDGE-A-MATIC CURVED RECTANGULAR PLANTER.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 232k unknown HEDGE-A-MATIC RECTANGULAR PLANTER.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 240k unknown HEDGE-A-MATIC SQUARE PLANTER.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 208k unknown OVERHEAD PANEL INSET.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 316k unknown OVERHEAD PANEL SURFACE MOUNT.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 336k unknown VINE COLUMN DETAIL.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 360k unknown VINE COLUMN PLANTING DETAIL.dwg 07-Apr-2016 21:36 420k unknown VINE POST DETAIL.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 224k unknown VINE POST PLANTING DETAIL.dwg 07-Apr-2016 21:36 280k unknown VINE WALL DETAIL.dwg 03-Dec-2018 05:53 228k unknown VINE WALL PLANTING DETAIL.dwg 07-Apr-2016 21:36 316k

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