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How to Prune a Wall Mounted Green Facade/Green Wall

How to Prune a Wall Mounted Green Facade/Green Wall
August 5, 2015 tornado

Regular maintenance on your green facade project is necessary to keep the plant material healthy and vigorous.  We at greenscreen® recommend that all plant material receive, at a minimum, one pruning application per year.  Monthly or additional prunings may be necessary with vigorous plants and depending on whether you like a “sheared” look or a “loose” look on your green facade.  There are more maintenance considerations including mulching, fertilization and irrigation checks, but pruning is one of the most important tasks that you do.  For more information on green facade maintenance, visit the PLANTS page to download a copy of the greenscreen® Guidelines For Green Facade Maintenance.


A wall mounted trellis panel in the greenscreen test garden.

2 individual panels are 3′ wide x 12′ tall and attached to the wall with our 5132G engineered gusseted clip.  Carolina Jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens) and Alice DuPont Mandevilla (Mandevilla x amabilis ‘Alice DuPont’) are planted in a galvanized trough at the base of the panels and while these are ideal great twining vines for a wall mounted installation, they needed a little attention.  Starting at the bottom of the planter, begin to weave the longer tendrils back into the panel to make sure that the plant was using the “captive growing space” of the three dimensional trellis panels.  Working towards the top of the panels, all of the long growth was incorporated back into the panel.

After completing the pruning on the perimeter of the panels, reach behind the panels to prune away any growth that was touching the wall or growing on the clips.

The finishing touches were to remove any plant material at the base of the plant to make sure that no growth was cascading over the front of the planter and to remove any growth that could not be re-directed back onto the panels.

After a little bit of clean up to make sure that all of the clippings were put in the compost bin, the pruning was complete!  Pretty easy, right?  Your project may be a little (or a lot) larger, but the pruning concepts are still the same.  The most important thing to remember is that your plants are a “living” part of the greenscreen® system and will require some TLC.

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