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Mounting Details

The greenscreen® trellis system is typically a Wall Mounted or a Freestanding installation. Freestanding installations include attachment to a structural steel frame, fencing, or curved fencing. Freestanding application considerations include wind load forces and soil conditions that affect post imbed length, footing size, or attachment base plate design. Column shape, overhead and planter installation information is also available.

Review the following materials for information for how to successfully install your trellis panels with the engineered greenscreen® system components for attachment. Each section includes options for locating clip attachments, proper connections to panels and field examples.


Planters with Trellis Panels

Details Drawings Collection
5135R Planter Straps
Column Trellis – with Planter
Fiberglass Planter Standard
 Standard Planter Assembly SketchUp Model: DownloadView

Hedge-A-Matic Planter Line

Hedge-A-Matic Curved Rectangular Planter
 Hedge-A-Matic Curved Rectangular Planter SketchUp Model: DownloadView
Hedge-A-Matic Rectangular Planter
 Hedge-A-Matic Rectangular Planter SketchUp Model: DownloadView
Hedge-A-Matic Square Planter
 Hedge-A-Matic Square Planter SketchUp Model: DownloadView

Project Examples

Planters with Trellis Projects

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