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Guidelines for Green Facade Plant Selection

Choosing appropriate plant material for greenscreen® requires careful consideration of climate zone, sun exposure, soil type, soil volume, area of coverage, irrigation needs, fertilization, adjacency to other plants and desired visual effects.

While it might be easiest just to pick plant material from the appropriate hardiness zone, 20 years of greenscreen® experience and observation has shown that making successful plant material choices are based upon these additional considerations:

  • Matching a plant’s growth habit to the type of installation
  • Choosing plants based upon seasonal cycles
  • Selecting appropriate plant material based upon the client’s commitment to maintenance
  • Choosing mixed plantings to ensure the long term success of the project
  • Using native plants

Choosing the proper plants for use on greenscreen® panels is an important design consideration and we recommend that a landscape architect, landscape designer or horticulturist be consulted for each specific application to determine appropriate plant choices based upon site conditions.

For more information regarding plant material selection and a recommended plant matrix, please download the following resource:

pdf_icon greenscreen® Guidelines for Green Facade Plant Selection

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