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The possibilities with the greenscreen® trellis system are endless with thousands of building type and landscape application examples to inspire your designs. The unique structural characteristics of the greenscreen® panel creates an opportunity to design with increased span capability and without a heavy steel frame.

From large scale wall mounted applications to fencing, custom shapes and intimate planter+ trellis combinations, the cost effective greenscreen® trellis system has a solution for incorporating vertical vegetation into your projects. Browse through these application examples to kick start your creative process.

Wall Mounted Green Facade Trellis Panel

The greenscreen® trellis system can transform walls into soft textured, vine covered, seasonally changing surfaces commonly referred to as green “facades.” Our system of engineered mounting accessories is designed to hold greenscreen® trellis panels off the building surface, protecting the building’s waterproof membrane from direct plant attachment and transferring the weight of the plants to the screen structure and the wall. Panels can be stacked side to side or top to bottom to cover larger areas.

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Freestanding Green Facade

When used freestanding, greenscreen®’s unique wire truss configuration can span between structural members for use as a shade element, privacy screening, security control, or three-dimensional enclosure. Working with a two inch modular grid simplifies the design process and integration into simple or complex installations.

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greenscreen® Fence

Light in weight but incredibly strong, greenscreen®’s three-inch depth “captures” plant material and provides the benefits of a living fence or tapestry that can be enjoyed from both sides. Our engineered mounting accessories match the panel finish and easily adapt to posts for simple fence installations or to more complex frame works.

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For integration into shade structures or controlling sunlight and views, greenscreen® trellis panels can be adapted to provide the vertical plant support characteristics to a horizontal surface, mounting on top of or between structure. Panels can be tapered, notched, mitered or curved for unique configurations with standard attachments or custom solutions. Plant support from planters or ground access can combine vertical panel elements with horizontal applications.

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Our standard greenscreen® column is created from a 48″ width panel and creates a 15-1/2″ diameter column that can be attached in the field to a post or column with adjustable mounting details designed to fit your conditions. Larger diameter columns or taller installations are easily created and can be designed for your specific structure. Column forms such as square or tapered shapes are constructed with precision in the factory for assembly in the field.

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Planters with Trellis

For projects that require containers, greenscreen® trellis panels can be mounted to our Standard Planters in multiple configurations. Planters may feature special liners and drainage for irrigation control and are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Standard cylindrical Column Planters coordinate with the Column Trellis and flat, modular panels work with Standard Planters. Custom sizes, shapes, and colors can be made to order depending on your project requirements.

For shorter privacy screens for venues like patios, restaurants, entries and decks we have Curved Rectangular, Rectangular and Square shapes used in combinations with screens to 42” and 58” height. These are featured in our Hedge-A-Matic family of planters, and are available in over twenty colors and several textures.

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