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Project Types

Project Types using greenscreen® as an important design element can be viewed here. This is a small sampling of how the variation in applications of green facade technology can impact a building facade, security, circulation, user experience, or contribute to the benefits of landscape elements used for ecosystem maintenance and green infrastructure.

Parking Structures

The variation in structured parking buildings and the requirements for maximization of site accessibility, scale and the integration into established urban and campus planning places new emphasis on adopting landscape elements for multiple benefits. Vertical greenscreen® solutions have become a prominent feature for this building type.

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The feature of verticality and narrow planting areas with large landscape benefit provides a solution for campus planning and new building situation by including greenscreen® for large structures, campus parking, and management of circulation and security.

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Housing + Residential

These examples are demonstrations of how landscape should always be an important consideration for a residential project site and demonstrate some of the possibilities of how green facade variations can be used.

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Requirements for softening entries, buffering transition pathways, controlling views, and providing security are important landscape considerations in this normally tightly restricted space usage. greenscreen® excels as a solution for maintenance and design for shapes and forms that give opportunity for creative solutions in retail environments.

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Government + Civic

Many initiatives on regional and community scale to increase building energy efficiencies and control water usage have demanded that designs incorporate landscape features as a way to maximize investments while providing public benefits. These can be effective contributions at large and small scale..

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Hotels + Hospitality

Providing immediate impact for guests while maintaining critical operation and maintenance aspects for this type of building can take many forms with application of greenscreen® into the palette of choices for design solutions.

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Medical + Healthcare

In every Healthcare environment consideration is given to the incorporation of plants and landscape features into the design program. From specific healing garden design to accessibility to views and the arrival at parking structures, green facades of all scale are being used for this necessary feature..

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Corporate + Office

Long term management of this building type and the ability to create large scale solutions with an excellent low-maintenance proposition is demonstrated in these projects. The adaptability and variety of plant choices to match geographic and site conditions has been proven throughout North America at many scales for this building Type.

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Restaurant + Entertainment

Here are additional examples of how greenscreen® can be applied in these high-use and demanding landscape environments.

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Green Infrastructure

Rain gardens and water use have become more important in both wet and dry climates and the use of greenscreen® facade and freestanding elements can contribute to the efficiencies of these specific site requirements.

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Rooftop + Green Roofs

Urban adaptations and demands to include amenity spaces in rooftop and balcony design use can be opportunities for incorporating vertical screening and high foliage benefits with the use of greenscreen® lightweight structure and planter adaptations.

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Parks + Recreation

Use of landscape is synonymous with our public areas for recreation and enjoyment. The use of greenscreen® as a fencing option, for adaptation in tight urban spaces, for use on shade structures in gates and entries is an example of the flexible nature of designing with greenscreen®.

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